Our Story

I am fascinated by the world of wines and vineyards. What better way to embark on this adventure than to celebrate this beautiful state. “Oregon” the place I call home.

My husband and I are working parents raising our two kids in the suburbs of Portland. We love nature and that’s what got us into exploring Oregon’s beautiful vineyards, breweries, farms, orchards and creameries. As we started to visit the tasting rooms, we felt right at home, welcomed and comforted. We met some of the most down to earth, humble and industrious people.


Every conversation felt personal and enlightening. It came to a point where I wanted to do something to be deserving of the warm welcome and the generous bounty that we are blessed with. Oregon Vinos is an attempt in that direction. It’s starting out as a blog featuring wines, vineyards and wine makers but we have big plans. Keeping our core value to think and act local we plan to integrate more business ideas and grow it to the agricultural startup of the century.

By sharing resources, we can scale faster, cheaper, better and feel proud to have built this community that we share with the world with open arms.

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