Maysara Winery

Momtazi Estate is a 500 + acres beautiful vineyard estate not too far from Lincoln City coastline. Proud owner Moe and his family have been using organic, chemicals free agriculture practices as Moe states “from nature to nature” philosophy.

Maysara Winery offers one of the largest indoor and outdoor venues in Oregon Wine Country making it one of the most sought after wedding venues in the Pacific North West. Instagram worthy stone and wood decor of the tasting room has a rustic yet sophisticated feel.

A pioneer in Biodynamic farming practices the vineyard uses a variety of medicinal and dynamic flowers and herbs to make potent compost teas that act as natural pesticides.

You don’t have to be a wine connoisseur to enjoy the clean subtle taste of Maysara wines. With exotic names every bottle has a story that keeps the intrigue of wine lovers and Sufis alike.

Come see for yourself!

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